LEKSVIK drawer makeover with whitewash paint and leather

LEKSVIK drawer makeover

Materials: LEKSVIK chest of drawers

It was time to give my LEKSVIK drawer a makeover. For this look I used a whitewash-style paint and for the pulls I cut an old leather belt into stripes.

1. Remove the original handles and sand the chest. As always, first with a coarse grit and later with a finer one.
2. Level out the old handle holes with wood paste. Sand the paste down.
3. Drill holes for new handles.
4. I cut an old buckskin belt into equal strips and drilled small holes at BOTH ENDS of every strip.
5. I diluted the acrylic paint in a 50/50 ratio with water. I applied the paint to the wood with a scrubbing brush and then wiped a part of the paint off again in order to keep the coat of paint thin.
6. Let it dry.
7. Install the leather handles with screws (and nuts)

You can read the whole tutorial at my blog here.