Piet Mondrian inspired upgrade to plain Expedit bookcase

Piet Mondrian inspired upgrade to plain Expedit bookcase

This “Mondrianization” was done to Expedit units but can also be done to the new Kallax or to almost any piece of furniture. In the living room we have two Expedit units to which we added doors. For a long time I wanted to change them and to my mind came the art of Piet Mondrian, perfect for this project.


  • Three rolls of vinyl contact paper (one red, one blue, one yellow)
  • A roll of black masking tape.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Level
  • Ruler

Step by step:
First I googled “Mondrian furniture”. When I had decided on the design I sketched it on paper because I wanted both modules to match. If you look at the images, the horizontal lines in both modules are placed at the same distance from the top and bottom of the modules.

Draw rectangles or squares on the back of the colored vinyl and then cut. Leave margin so that the vinyl can go over the border of the door and end on the back of the door, out of sight. No need to cut a perfect edge because on top of the vinyl we will place the masking tape and this will hide the borders.

Stick vinyl over the door. To do so follow the same process as when you apply it to a book: unstick the vinyl and use a ruler to flatten it over the surface you are covering trying to avoid the formation of bubbles. If bubbles appear, unstick and begin again or pierce the bubble with a needle and get the air out with the help of your fingernail.

When you place the masking tape, even if you think you are placing it on a straight line you are probably not, so use the level. If you do not have a level measure at intervals the distance from the border of the module to the masking tape stripe.

It’s done. The result will be look so good that you will probably want to go round the house with the vinyl and masking tape.

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