Easy but gorgeous IKEA Lamp Map Hack


Ikea Rismon Lamp
Mod podge
Map wrapping paper

Sometimes a little decorative touch can totally transform something mundane into something rather more remarkable, it can add the wow factor. Well that’s exactly what I did with my IKEA lamp hack. I was subtle with my map pimping and decoupaged the inside of my IKEA lampshade and not outside. Therefore you get a hint of map, so when you look up at these ceiling lamps instead of a boring white inside you now see a cool map.

The great thing about the IKEA Rismon lampshade like a lot of things from IKEA it comes in kit form which makes it very easy to decoupage.

1. Take the lampshade cover out of the box and unravel. Measure the length and width of the cover

Remove the lampshade

Cut map to sizd

2. Cut map wrapping paper to the size of the lampshade cover. One sheet of paper should be enough. You will have to fit the map in 2 pieces.

3. Paste the inside of the lampshade with glue/ Mod Podge. Stick your map to the shade. Using a ruler to carefully squeeze out any air bubbles.

Decoupage the map

4. You can leave the decoupaged map as it is or seal it with a layer of Mod Podge to provide extra protection.

5. Now put your lamp together following your IKEA instructions.

IKEA Lamp Map Hack

As you can see this is a very easy but effective IKEA hack. The addition of maps is a great improvement on the original. I love this map lampshade so much that I ended up making 2 and will probably make some more as I have a lot of ceiling lamps in my house.

See complete tutorial here.

~ Claire Armstrong