Storage bench-on-wheels

Storage bench-on-wheels

This storage unit was first used as a table, but when I had a new and bigger table this was unused so I let it evolve in a storage bench-on-wheels!

Materials needed:
– IKEA MALM storage unit
– Old leather jacket from thriftshop (can use any kind of material)
– Pillow from garden seat
– 4 rotating wheels

Tools needed:
– Tack gun
– Scissors
– Screwdriver & Screws

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Step one:
Make sure the pillow is large enough to fit the top. Cut it a little bit larger than the top of the storage unit.

Step two:
Make sure the covering material is large enough to cover the top. Now take the top off. You can slide it off the rails. Put cover, the foam and the top on the floor and start tacking it in place. Make sure everything is nice and tight. Cut off the edges.

Step three:
Put the wheels in place.

Step four:
Put your feet on the bench and store your stuff!