Trade Show Booth on a budget

Trade Show Booth on a budget

Materials: 59″ Linnmon Table Top, Gerton adjustable legs, Spontan magnet boards

I needed an inexpensive professional looking booth for a trade show. Since they cost 10s of thousands of dollars I decided to try a IKEA hack.

I took the Linnmon desk top and used a circular saw to cut it in half. This gave us two nice thin pieces to create our bar. One problem was the the middle of these desktops are corrugated cardboard! So on the back end we used some white quarter round strip and caulk to make it look nice. The customer doesn’t see this side so no big deal.

Next we drilled two additional locations for the telescope legs and mounted them. They work great for un-even surfaces as you can adjust each leg by itself. Next we mounted the table latch so we could connect our two pieces in the middle. Pulls it in nice and tight.

Last we wanted a way to show some advertising on the bottom of our tables so we used the Spontan magnet boards, mounted with chain and I hook screws. Our signs are inexpensive magnet signs. They stick great to the metal IKEA magnet board.

Anyone that has a little imagination can incorporate many IKEA items into designing a custom display booth for a trade show.

I know it shows a brand but hard to give a trade show booth hack that’s generic. I am sure others could be inspired. I actually have a painting company I am helping to create a booth for with similar supplies.