DIY Copper Drawer Pulls update an IKEA Dresser

diy copper drawer pulls 1

Materials: They don’t sell ours anymore but its VERY similar to the MALM dresser

When we bought our gray distressed IKEA dresser we loved the finish, and the soft close doors. However the overall picture was pretty bland. Since we have a sort of modern farmhouse feel we wanted to make the dresser really fit that.

Initially we wanted to create leather pulls but after a terrible online buying experience we switched over to copper!

We purchased copper bell hangers and caps from We then purchased the actual pipe and a clear enamel spray at Home Depot!


First we installed the copper bell hangers about 12″ apart on each drawer. We exchanged the screws that came with the bell hangers for nuts/bolts that we could attach more hardily.



Next we cut the copper pipe using a simple pipe cutter tool to six 15″ pieces. We glued the caps on and then sprayed with clear enamel to maintain a shiny copper finish. Ultimately we also cleaned each pull up with Bar Keepers Friend to get it nice and sparkly!



Finally we screwed the pulls into the bell hangers and were done. I love how it gives the dresser a little bit of sparkle and seems industrial all at the same time!

diy copper drawer pulls 3
diy copper drawer pulls 2

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