IKEA bench seat with lots of storage


Materials: 2 Alex Drawer Units and 1 Double and 1 Single BESTA shelf unit with Vassbo door

IKEA came to the rescue for us recently when we were looking to add more storage to our son’s bedroom to store his toys and schoolwork. Rather than simply add a whole lot of cabinetry we decided to double the space as a seating area for him to read a book, play his instruments etc.

The cabinets consist of two Alex drawer units flanking a double and single BESTA shelf unit with Vassbo door panels. After building all the pieces, my husband fixed the bottom cabinets together with screws so that they stay in place. The cabinets are not as deep as the drawer units and I wanted all units to be flush, so he had a piece of thick MDF cut to similar depth to the drawer units and fixed it to the top of the base cabinets with screws.


We chose not to fit skirting boards because it would have made the entire configuration higher and the current height is perfect for a child. I had custom upholstered seat cushions made to create a comfortable seating space and we are pretty happy with the results.

All the details and dimensions can be found here.