IKEA HEAT Trivet gets a mosaic makeover

IKEA HEAT Trivet mosaic makeover

A HEAT trivet is transformed into a colorful wall mirror using mixed mosaic pieces, glue, glitter and a few recycled Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.

Materials List:

HEAT trivet – via Ikea
Small styrofoam or ceramic plate (for support)
Saw tooth hanging bracket (for hanging on a wall)
Hot glue gun + glue sticks
Paper template – cut to the same size as your cork round
Mosaic “soup” – Mosaic glass pieces, small tiles, beads, buttons, aquarium gravel or pebbles
Leftover Mardi Gras necklaces
Thick craft glue – Aleene’s is a good choice
Craft stick
3″ round mirror
Short piece of foil
Clear tape
Extra fine glitter – two colors mixed look great (Martha Stewart brand is great)

1) Attach a “saw tooth” hanging bracket onto the back of the cork, securing it with a bit of hot glue. Set the back of the trivet onto a styrofoam plate to lift it off the table and prevent any pressure being placed on the hanging bracket on the back of the cork.

2) Pour some tacky glue onto the middle of the cork front and spread it out using a craft stick (like cake frosting) to the edges of the cork round. Be careful of excess glue dripping over the edges. Quickly wipe this away if it happens with a paper towel. Trace the mirror onto a sheet of foil. Cut the circle out and attach it to the mirror with a small circle of tape. This will help to protect the mirror surface from glue and glitter. Gently press the mirror into the center of the cork round or anywhere else you want it to be. Measure and cut a length from a Mardi Gras necklace to go around the mirror. Press the beaded necklace into place and add a second strand in a different color if desired.

3) Pour a mound of mosaics onto a plate or tray and begin pressing individual mosaic pieces into the glue surrounding the beaded rings you just added. Continue working until the cork is filled with mosaic pieces. Choose one or two glitter color(s) and sprinkle the glitter over the completed mosaic design. Let it sit a few minutes before blowing off the excess glitter. Carefully peel off the foil sheet from the mirror. Let everything dry flat overnight before hanging the finished piece up on a wall.