IKEA Samtid wall lamp

IKEA Samtid wall lamp

Materials: Samtid standing lamp

Make the Samtid standing lamp into a wall lamp which can still swivel. To achieve this we’ll make a wooden block with a vertical groove of 22×22 mm:

Samtid tweak (1)

1. Glue 3 pieces of (soft)wood with dimensions (mm) given onto each other. Drill 2 holes of 5mm through the middle

Samtid tweak (2)

2. Make a cover of plywood (around 12 mm thick) and dril 4 holes of 4 mm, 10 mm from the sides

Samtid tweak (3)

3. Make a support plate that keeps the lamp from sliding downwards. I used a piece of aluminium strip 3×20 mm, but thin plywood can also be chosen. drill 2 screw holes and one bigger one for the cord

Samtid tweak (4)

4. Screw support plate on the bottom of your wood block

Samtid tweak (5)

5. Screw the whole block onto wall

Samtid tweak (6)

6. Cut off the plug of the Samtid lamp, unscrew the bottom tube (both sides) and saw this off at 160mm

Samtid tweak (7)

7. Screw this short tube back onto the lamp, and pull the cord through the 8 mm hole of the support on the wall

8. Place the amputated Samtid in the support, close it with 4 small screws. Done!

Jules Yap