Kitty window lounger

Kitty window lounger

Materials: 2 x HAMPEN Rug high pile, 2 x LACK Side tables, LACK Coffee Table

Given that my lounge room furniture (tv table, side table, bench table and shelves) was all IKEA I decided that when the time came and I needed a kitty window seat for my two new rescue kitties it had to blend in.

At the time I had a LACK Coffee table sitting in my dining room which didn’t quite fit with the lounge room so wondered if I could reuse it in my plans. A simple solution would have been just to cover it ‘as is’ but where is the fun in that!

I also knew that I needed a bit more height and had seen previous hacks using the cheap but extremely versatile LACK Side tables which are the same height as the coffee table. A plan was formulating.

Lounge seat 02 Lounge seat 03 Kitty window lounger

First up was moving the magazine shelf position on the coffee table lower so that it matched the level of the window sill as well as giving the kitties more room. The plan also included extending the lower shelf to provide a sun deck using the shelf, an extension and window sill so the Rug used to cover this level was measured to include the overhang and glued in place onto the shelf before refitting.

With the shelf lowered I attached the first Side table to the Coffee table using flat metal brackets and multipurpose button head screws. One bracket per set of legs and one centrally placed under the two tables. The second Coffee table was placed on top of the first so that the leftover carpet could be measured, including the legs to the second table and cut. The carpet was then fitted and glued in place to this level.

Before fitting the second Coffee table I made two scratching posts out of cardboard tubing and sisal rope the same height as the Side table legs and slipped these onto the back legs of the top Side table. The second Side table was then attached on top of the first Side table using square metal brackets and screws. The second Coffee table was then covered in the rug and screwed discretely in place.

As the kitty lounger would be resting against the end of my lounge I also added a backing on it using a thin MDF board and leftover rug and carpet so that any scratching would not be my lounge.

Two cat beds finished the project off nicely.