Oversize Bed

oversize bed

My first posted hack.  My boys each needed a bed, but a third bed would be a big plus for overnight guests.  Oversize bed is made up of three side by side twin mattresses.  I wanted a storage platform but nothing out there would accommodate three side by side beds.  IKEA KALLAX dimensions worked out perfect.  Two, one by fours, across the front and one, one by four, down each side, formed the outside perimeter.  I am not that handy, so I used three more KALLAXs in the interior to complete the support.  You could use plywood with supports, and I am sure that would be less expensive.

The table in the middle was made up of a 39″ Lack table top ($10) and two Ekby shelves ($1.99ea).   The shelves were attached with L brackets.   The table fits snugly over the middle twin mattress.  Great for electronics, a lamp and for the boys to play cards with each other.  The table is easily removed when we need to use the middle bed.

The bedding is made of two twin size Kavits sewn together to make an oversize comforter large enough to fit the entire width.

~ Linda