A bed that looks like a castle


Materials: IKEA Kura bed

Simple hack. All drawings made in Sketchup. You need 3ea 2440x1220mm plywood building plates, a few meters 36x98mm and a few meters 48x48mm. You also need wood glue and misc wood screws.
1. Cut according to measures
2. Drill holes for screws and sand.
3. Assemble both towers. Use drywall screws to attach plates to stands.
4. Attach side panel to towers. Left tower only need a 8x98x1900 panel on right side. Right tower need same type but on left side and then attach the large side panel on right side.
4. Sand again. Use machine and make sure rotational direction will not chip the plywood.
5. Attach right tower to bed. Use 4ea 6x100mm screws. Do not tighten yet.
6. Attach middle plate to bed using drywall screws. Allow plate to slide behind left side panel of right tower. Tighten screws that connect right tower to bed.
7. Attach left tower. Again use 6x100mm screws. You may drill a single hole through metal that hold the bed boards.
8. Attach 48x48mm reinforcements. Fasten to plates with drywall screws. Fasten to bed using 6x100mm screws from top.
9. Attach 36x98mm reinforcement behind middle plate. Position so that it becomes the topmost step in the bed ladder.
10. Attach the crown ornament on middle plate.
11. Sparkle and paint.

PrincessBed PrincessBed2 PrincessBed3 PrincessBed4 PrincessBed5