Small Kitchen Counter and Storage

 Small Kitchen Counter 1


Ikea Items:  Omar Shelving Unit and Lämplig Chopping Board

We needed a small counter space along the side of the stove but it couldn’t be too deep or it would block the doorway.  So we purchased the smallest Omar shelving unit.

The open wire top of the Omar unit allowed us to attach the Lämplig chopping board in a very simple fashion.  We turned the board upside down and attached it by placing a small piece of (left-over) oak flooring to the underside of the Omar unit and screwing the oak piece to the chopping board on top, sandwiching Omar in between.

Small Kitchen Counter

Finally, we positioned the lip of the chopping board so it rested against the wall.  We then attached it to the wall with screws so that it couldn’t be jostled.  It’s earthquake territory here, after all.


Total cost: just over $30.  And about an hour to put to it all together.

~ Jill E. & Michael R., Oakland, California

Jules Yap