HURDAL with an antique twist

So normally we buy vintage pieces and flip them for our home or for sale.  In this case we needed a large chest of drawers for our bedroom.  Going with our industrial look we couldn’t find any antiques that were either big enough or in good enough shape to work our magic on.  So we went to Ikea and found this awesome HURDAL dresser.  The appeal for us was that is was real wood for all pieces except for the drawer bottoms and the back of the dresser (Easily modify with a laminate wood if you wish.)

Here is the dresser before the flip fully assembled.


And here is our after…


We used some left over paint from our accent wall to pull everything together.  To get started we did about 2 hours of sanding to remove the varnish applied by Ikea.  We then used a primer, then our paint.  We then build custom handles for the small drawer pulls as well as the larger drawers.  Pretty sexy right!  All hardware easily found at your local big box hardware store.  All in, about $500 for an amazing piece.  More pictures below.

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