IKEA RITVA, now in pinch pleats

IKEA pinch pleat curtains

Tried of the flat RITVA curtains? Crane Concept has a fantastic tutorial on turning them into classic pinch pleat curtains, with an added Greek key trim.

1. Sew the trim on to the RITVA curtain before attempting the pleat.


2. Now onto the pleat. IKEA curtains has a loop every 6 inch which can serve as markers. Using these markers, make a big loop.
3. Stitch the big loop.


4. Then make 3 small loops (within the big loop) and pinch.


5. Stitch the top and bottom of these small loops together.
6. Repeat till the top of the curtain is all pinch pleated.

IKEA pinch pleat curtains

IKEA pinch pleat curtains