Kitchen splashback made from TANEM door plus RIBBA boards

Kitchen splashback from IKEA TANEM door

Materials: TANEM door

Due to the fact, that the wall behind our sink and cooker was just painted with a normal wallpaint, I was thinking about what we could do to make it a bit nicer plus tomato-sauce resistant…

Here is my solution:

We took a an IKEA TANEM door (from the PAX system) and added two RIBBA picture wall boards… thats all… !
By using the drill holes, which are necessary to mount the RIBBA boards, we fixed the entire structure with long screws to the wall, to the effect that you can’t see any srcew-heads! !

Kitchen splashback from IKEA TANEM door

It’s nice, it’s handy, easy to clean and came quite inexpensive!

By Detlef Holst from Hamburg

Jules Yap