Before and After: IKEA Kitchen upgrade

13 before after

13-before after IKEA kitchen upgrade

We just rented a new apartment and didn’t like the way the kitchen was. (2 photos below)

1 Kitchen before - general look 2 Kitchen before the nishe

The kitchen colors are gray and white so we decided to make our edition following the same line of colors.

I used Ikea’s HALLESTAD 246×3.8 (white & gray with aluminium ) and cut it in to several parts:

The stove plate

3 mobile Stove 4 Mobile Stove & Dishwasher

A counter with Ikea GERTON leg

5 Adding the counter

A decorative divider (using the gray side) between the dishwasher and the kitchen original cupboard.


Stove frame cut so the aluminum is visible from above and the white outer frame matching the stove plate

7 Cutting frame for build in stove 8 Front-upper view

Lower shelf

11 Lower shelf

To prevent water from entering; all the exposed cuts were coated with silicon.

An Ikea RIBBA 115 was cut in length to match the OSTHAMRA 80×23 ; the expose cut was painted with correction fluid.

9 Cutting shelf to cupboard length

Ikea MALM GLASS 80×48 hung on the wall to be used as an easy to clean surface from any food “mess”.

10 Adding glass & stove

Ikea VURM was added under the counter.

12 IKEA kitchen upgrade

13 Final result

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