LENDA Constellation Curtains

Stencilled Constellation Curtains

Materials: LENDA Curtains

We just added onto our house and I wanted a pair of curtains that would let a lot of light in but also be fun, since the room is largely used as a playroom for my two kids. My kids LOVE looking at the stars, so I thought constellation curtains would be a great solution! The LENDA curtains from Ikea were a perfect starting base! I cut off the tops of the curtains and folded the top over and sewed, creating a passageway for my drapery rod. Then I set to stenciling!

Stencilled Constellation Curtains


I could easily place my designs under the curtain and trace with a fabric marker and a ruler. It only took a few hours to put these curtains together and it was so much fun! I love the way they turned out. You can read more about how these curtains came together on my blog, here.

By Jill