MICKE Computer Desk Arcade Stick Hack

MICKE Computer Desk Arcade

Materials: MICKE Computer Desk

Installed a custom 2 player fight stick panel into my Micke computer desk drawer to be used as a pull-out arcade setup. All sanwa parts for the joysticks and buttons, two Akishop PS360 PCBs which allow connectivity for PC, PS3, & Xbox360. Everything is currently connected to a ASUS 23″ Display and PS3 Slim which is mounted underneath the desk.




The key to making this all work is two Phreakazoid‌ JLF Links which allows you to lock-in or remove the joystick shafts. This allows me to uninstall the joysticks while sliding the drawer back to a closed position. I also installed additional posts for the sticks on the front of the drawer to store the joysticks while not in use and also act as handles for the drawer. Enjoy!

~ Jon Bonilla