The “Stuff I Found in the Loft” Office

small home office


Ikea Item list:
Lack Shelf
Helmer Units
Pluggis magazine files
Ribba Frames

I desperately needed a small home office with storage space. I had a fair amount of Ikea bits in the loft but no desk. I was determined to only use what was in the loft and so I began rooting.

I found an old birch Lack shelf and the Helmer drawer units… so all I really needed was a desk top. I had a piece of birch furniture board which wasn’t in great shape, but it was the right size and just needed a paint job. It was given a bit of a make over in line with my current obsession of geometric design and pattern.

Making the actual desk was easy peasy. Rest the furniture board directly over the two Helmer units. This gave me a perfect sized desk space for the small room I was setting up in. The drawer units are pretty much the perfect height for a desk so there wasn’t really any fiddling. The Pluggis magazine files were weighty enough to keep the table top in situ. The Lack shelf provided raised storage. And everything else just came in nicely to store my office-y stuff with a few odd Ribba frames for wall eye candy.

small home office 1 small home office 2

I’m afraid I did have to spend £4.79 on a bag of rawlplugs to fit the shelf… A pretty cost effective office though.

By Karen Knox