Billy Chest of Drawers!

Billy Chest of Drawers

The BILLY bookshelf was a perfect size for a particular area in my house and I needed a more practical clothing storage solution.

This was made by measuring the BILLY and making sure each opening was equidistant from each other, then the measurements were taken down.

I used a long piece of plywood (looked for the most interesting piece at the hardware shop) trimmed down to the different drawer sections.

There’s a solid wood base for the bottom and plywood for the sides and it was all secured with a block of wood on the corners.

The drawers are backless so there is more space for clothing. Handles were made using a thin piece of wood.



I have left the wood raw as I love the aesthetic, but it can easily be painted to suit.

Very pleased with how it came out, and hope to inspire others with this IKEA hack!