Hackers Help: Can I remove the mirror from the LILLÅNGEN high cabinet?

LILLÅNGEN high cabinet
Photo: IKEA.com


I have purchased this at our local IKEA: LILLÅNGEN High cabinet with mirror door, color is black/brown .. hoping to be able to remove the mirror from the door, but it is proving extremely tricky.

I was wondering if anybody had done it and has any pointers?  The mirror is affixed with strong double sided tape and there appears to be no other way to take it out besides breaking it into pieces.  This is not practical and actually quite dangerous.

Is anybody aware if there are any sites selling aftermarket IKEA 0r IKEA-like parts?
I know IKEA makes a non-mirrored door of the same size but it is not available as a part only, it’s part of a deeper cabinet.

Thank you in advance for any help.