Question: How do I recreate this entryway storage?

entryway storage inspo

Barnes Abby asked on the IH FB group, “I found this pic for an entryway storage inspiration.

Source: Pinterest

Does anyone have suggestions on what IKEA pieces I could use to create something similar?”

Humphrey had a solid suggestion:

“I think a combination of the shallow depth kitchen cabinets from METOD/ SEKTION plus 4 pieces of the oak worktop RÅSUNDA (or GERTON in beech) cut to size. The MOSSLANDA picture ledge will make the shelves on the right. Apart from the built-in lights, the only thing is a white worktop for that tall cabinet. I think you can find a similar size kitchen cabinet door for that.”

Entryway storage idea board

Taking Humphrey’s suggestion, these would probably be the kitchen components I’ll play around with until I get the perfect fit.

entryway storage plan

From left to right:

SEKTION kitchen cabinets:
Other items:

Florian shared her similar project, using METOD cabinets. Barnes’ inspo picture is definitely doable with IKEA kitchen cabinets, be it SEKTION or METOD.

To tackle a project like this the IKEA Home Planner is your best tool. Take the measurements for the space (height and width will do for this) and enter them into the Planner.

Then add the kitchen cabinet frames until you get your desired configuration. After you’ve settled on the frames, add doors, shelf and drawer combinations, handles, legs and plinth (if required).

You can switch from line drawing to 3D. It will give you a pretty good idea of how it will turn out.

Save your project. Print out the Floor Plan, Item List/ Price and take it to your local IKEA. I would advise getting the IKEA Kitchen Planner to give it a final go over to ensure you have all the things you need in the list, especially the smaller things like hinges, dampeners and suspension rails, etc.

I think it will look awesome.

Happy hacking,