Lunnatron – chair for gamers

I like the IKEA Lunna chair. It is comfy. I also like the Ergotron monitor arm.

I decided to put the two together. I call it the Lunnatron.

lunnatron chair

Lunnatron Chair. Lapboard will be replaced with floating tray eventually.


  • Overstuffed memory foam base and backrest
  • Dual stacked Ergotron LX arms. One for monitor, and the other for future keyboard/mouse tray.
  • Adjustable support frame built from aluminum pipe and Kee Klamps.
  • Did I mention it is comfy?


Lunna chair frame with subframe attached.

The main problem I encountered was finding out after the fact that the adjustable angle Kee Klamp is not meant for structural use. I tapped an M3 hole in the joint and put a set screw inside.


Kee Klamp with set screw.

Future plans:

  • Keyboard/mouse tray attached to second Ergotron arm.
  • Integrate PC into the chair.
  • Beer holder.


~ wezelboy