Table runner from IKEA Saltig decoration sticks

IKEA Saltig decoration sticks table runner

Materials: 4 pack of Ikea Saltig and yarn

We have bought these stick in the middle of winter, but I have forgotten to used them up. I found them again and I was thinking what to do with these. An idea came up and I made a table runner within 2 hours in the afternoon.

The easy hack could be done by anybody, no need for special skills.


1. We need to cut a long piece of yarn and tie it on the first stick.



2. The second stick needs to tied close to the first one and we need to continue the action till we use up all sticks.


3. The table runner needs to be set on the edges, too. So we need to repeat the action above on both the edges.



4. Now the table runner is finished, enjoy!



IKEA Saltig decoration sticks table runner 1

Link to the IKEA SALTIG decoration sticks table runner.

~ Klaudia Venczel