LACK table as kitchen ceiling lighting

LACK table as kitchen ceiling lighting

Materials: 4x LACK tables

I was looking for a good source of lighting in my kitchen, I wanted LED ceiling spotlights, and I wanted it to be original.

Having a free Saturday afternoon, I decided to give it a go, using four inexpensive IKEA black « LACK » tables.
I used copper tubing that was laying around to put this all together. Leaving a small space between the tables, this is visually better.

I then put 2 GU10 LED spotlights, warm white per ‘table’ (8 in total). The cables are running through the copper tubes, making them invisible and the whole hack more tidy.

I used bicycle brake cables to hang my creation to the ceiling. I’m proud of the result and the neat finish. Painting of the table is even unnecessary.




All in all, it is a very fun hack to do, with very inexpensive parts. (Total : +- 80 EUR). It could have been much cheaper using halogens, but I wanted to avoid excessive heat.

In the meantime, I have 16 table feet left for another hack 🙂

~ Manu Gysen