MALM extendable bedside table

Modified version with extendable table for adjustable beds to the left:

extendable bedside table

IKEA MALM, 6 drawer (with a mirror in the lid) seen to the right.

A problem with adjustable beds is to reach anything placed on a bedside table so a solution was to make an extendable table built from a MALM drawer.


To get a good height on the table, two or more drawers must be removed before the furniture is put together. In my case, the lower two drawers needed to be removed. Use a saw to cut the sides and back of the drawer just below the horizontal board which is placed as a distance between each drawer. You will need some type of protection like furniture paws(?) to prevent any damage on the floor once the furniture is finished. Follow the instructions to put the furniture together except the lid with the mirror and its hinges.


Now it is time to remove the mirror which is glued to the inside of the lid. I was not able to remove the mirror without destroying it using a tool like a screwdriver. This is very dangerous work since your will get shards of glass! Protection gloves and eye protection must be used and the work has to be done somewhere where it is easy to clean up the shards! Every trace of the mirror has to be removed from the lid.

In the end of the lid where the hinges is normally placed, I used the unused bottom front board and mounted it using two screws in the middle to work as a guide when sliding the table top.


Drill two 3 mm holes on the to on the front drawer and use two of the long locking screws for the unused drawers. These screws work as distances and guides for the sliding lid. They have to be higher than the board on the front of the drawer since they must fit in the lid. Easiest way is to put the lid on the top of the drawer and see where the holes for the screws shall be drilled.

Note: Do not place heavy things on the extended table. I don’t know how much weight the top drawer can withstand.

~ Per Finander