Maximising the kitchen corner cabinet (without that spinning thing!)

kitchen corner cabinet1a

kitchen corner cabinet 2a

So many kitchens have the infamous corner cabinet from IKEA. And anyone who has had this cabinet either loves it or hates it. Personally when I had this cabinet in our first kitchen I hated it, the spinning shelf thing wasted space and was noisy.

As we constructed our second IKEA kitchen I was bummed we had to get the corner cabinet again. But we turned lemons into some sweet lemonade!!!!!!

All you need is the cabinet, which is surprisingly cheap when not purchased with the corner base cabinet carousel.

(5) drawer slides from the hardware store

(2) left over shelves

kitchen corner cabinet5

kitchen corner cabinet4

kitchen corner cabinet3

And a packet of the removable 3m hooks.

I am SSSOOOO proud of my husband taking my ideas sketched out on paper and bringing them to life.

~ Shawna

Jules Yap