Minecraft Inspired Coffee Table

minecraft coffee table 01 560

We first saw the prototype of this great Minecraft inspired coffee table when Martin Raynsford was in the office visiting. We were so taken with it that we arranged for Martin to take the material he needed so he could get to work on a full size version. Now that table is finished, we managed to get hold of Martin to give us the run down of exactly how it was made. Without further ado, over to Martin.

Minecraft Inspired Coffee Table

“I made this Minecraft inspired coffee table. The map layers are made from 3mm MDF, the water from 3mm Fluorescent Blue Perspex, the top surface from 5mm clear Perspex and the sides from 6mm Birch Plywood. The landscape was built upon an Ikea LACK side table.

All the details are available over on my blog here.”

~ Martin Raynsford

Jules Yap