How to hack SCHOTTIS shades into privacy blinds

Ahh … the IKEA stick-on blinds — a perfect solution when you want privacy or want to block annoying glares on TV and computer screens. The outside light still comes through and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. It also comes in a black out version at $5.99.

Schottis pleated shade

The IKEA SCHOTTIS blinds are meant to the hung from the top of your window down. But in some cases, you want them hung lower, for privacy and shade from prying eyes. This custom placement allows light to come through from the top of the window.

Like so:

IKEA SCHOTTIS privacy blinds
  • IKEA SCHOTTIS pleated shade
  • Stick-on furniture pads
  • Wood trim

Here’s how to make custom IKEA SCHOTTIS privacy blinds

Start with IKEA’s SCHOTTIS pleated shades and cut to length.

Find a piece of trim at your hardware store and cut slightly under the width of your window. Paint to match.

Get a couple of stick-on furniture pads and cut into a rectangle.

Stick the pads and shades onto the wood trim strip.

The soft pads won’t damage your window and you can move the shades to any height you like.

IKEA schottis privacy blinds

A simple hack for SCHOTTIS privacy blinds to keep eyes out and let light in!

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