Cover up the KALLAX bookcase in 3 easy steps

A bookcase cover that’s cheap and easy? That’s right! Read on.

The KALLAX is awesome and stores a motherlode of stuff. But come on, it’s hard to keep it looking pretty and organised and co-ordinated.

That’s where the IKEA SCHOTTIS shade comes in and gives us an easy cover up for the KALLAX.

From this

SCHOTTIS easy cover up - open

To this!

SCHOTTIS easy cover up - closed
IKEA items used:

For your bookcase cover, all you need to do is:

1. Measure and cut SCHOTTIS shade to 80cm with scissors.

2. Stick (the SCHOTTIS shade has an adhesive strip attached) to the top of the KALLAX.

3. Pull down to cover up the KALLAX.

~ by Avital Rabin

KALLAX easy cover up

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