In our new apartment we needed some storage room under the bathroom sink. Our old and reliable Ikea Fullen was not fitting because of a water heater.


After a long search for a fitting “Badunterschrank” – that’s how the Germans call this kind of thing – we resorted to hacking the Fullen to make it taller.

taller Fullen


I built a small 3-sided box with light-colored plywood and used the original wood dowels and cam-lock nuts to secure them to the top and to the sides. I also removed the back panels and moved the door stoppers to the bottom.

The original feet were a tad too high for the bottom plate to fit under the water heater, therefore we proceeded to make new ones out of wood, matching the color of the wooden insert.


That’s it. I would have loved to avoid the visible screws but unfortunately I messed up with pocket holes on the inside (the wood was too thin) and I had to resort to that. Next step: swap the door knobs with small hot/cold vintage sink knobs.

Cheers from Berlin,
~ Andrea and Daniela