16 things I like about the new IKEA Catalog 2016

IKEA Catalog 2016 Top 16 picks | IKEA Hackers

The arrival of the new IKEA catalog is always an event, on IKEA Hackers at least. So when the online version went up, I browsed and bookmarked my favourites, way past bed time. This issue is especially fun with “moving” pictures – steam wafting up, water trickling down … woohoo! There are still loads of little details to pore over – videos to play and extra bonuses to unlock – so this is my first impression of the IKEA Catalog 2016 and the stuff that caught my eye.

The 2016 catalog is all about food and and celebrates how food – and all the activity around it – brings people together. (Last year was the bedroom and bathroom.) In line with the food & cooking theme, the catalog opens with gorgeous spreads of kitchens. The one below with the gold stripped backsplash is definitely attention grabbing. The kitchens also showcase the versatility of the new SEKTION/ METOD system.

IKEA Catalog 2016 kitchen set

I’ll start from the kitchen and dining sections and work my way through the catalog. Let’s take a look. Here are my top 16 picks from the IKEA Catalog 2016.

#1 LISABO dining table  

The new IKEA LISABO dining table

Besides its curvy profile, the solid birch LISABO has an interesting back story. It all started with a funny looking dowel. A wedge dowel that completely changes how an IKEA table is assembled. It promises to cut down assembly time by up to 80%. That alone is worth celebrating!

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