Another Expedit or Kallax Kitchen Island

Lattés, biscotti and strawberries, anyone?

IKEA KALLAX Kitchen Island | IKEA Hackers

After years of thinking of doing it, I’ve finally posted one of my IKEA hacks to this site!  I’ve been through hundreds of pieces of IKEA furniture in my lifetime, and the pattern is always the same:

  1. Buy item, bring it home, assemble it, it looks awesome.  Yay.
  2. Get a new place, attempt to move said item without disassembling, end up with multiple dings and scratches. Boo.
  3. Move again, once again without disassembling.  Fail.
  4. Hack that sucker and make something new! Yay again!

So here’s my latest creation, a nice little kitchen island with closed storage underneath. The ingredients:

  • EXPEDIT (or KALLAX) 2×2 shelf.
  • 4 KALLAX Inserts with door.
  • 4 pack of CAPITA legs, 4 3/8″
  • Possibly a HAMMARP butcher block counter top?  I’m not sure because I picked this baby up in the As-Is section. Score!
  • and, being a purist, I fixed everything together with screws from a FIXA kit!

Tools used: Cordless drill, drill bit for pilot holes, Phillips bit for driving screws.

Sadly, the stools are not Ikea.  🙁