Just 4 things to make this affordable IKEA Kitchen Island

affordable kitchen island

HY (@yatt_azml) shared her compact IKEA kitchen island hack on Twitter and it caught my eye. She shows how easy it is to make a compact, and affordable kitchen island out of just 4 IKEA items.

Her post has since gathered over 9,000 likes with 4600 retweets.

She writes, “Wanted a kitchen island but my kitchen is not big and I didn’t have a lot of budget for it. Nevermind. Just DIY.”

She put together the entire island with just 4 items from IKEA, with a budget of RM300 (approx. USD70).

The island measures 86cm (h) x 92cm (l) x 53cm (w).

affordable kitchen island - IKEA KALLAX hack
Photo: @yatt_azml
What you need to make this affordable compact kitchen island:
affordable kitchen island ikea kallax hack

1. KALLAX 2×2 shelf unit

A KALLAX unit forms the base of the island. You can have two KALLAX units to make a bigger, detachable 2-in-1 kitchen island.

2. CAPITA legs (8cm)

You will need 4 legs for one KALLAX. Other than CAPITA, you can use other legs or casters, if you want a portable kitchen island.

3. LÄMPLIG chopping board (46cm x 53cm)

Get two of these bamboo chopping boards to create the kitchen countertop.

4. SKYDD wood treatment oil

Protect the chopping board with a coat of food grade white mineral oil. (The SKYDD wood treatment oil is discontinued in some countries, here are alternatives.)


BRANÄS baskets or other KALLAX inserts.

Other materials:

You’ll need 8 corner braces to secure the chopping boards onto the KALLAX unit.

Here’s how to make a kitchen island

Assemble the KALLAX according to IKEA instructions.

Next, install the CAPITA legs to the KALLAX. Then, carefully flip the entire unit over to stand on the CAPITA legs.

Place the chopping boards on top of the KALLAX unit. Adjust the placement of the boards to overhang the KALLAX equally.

Determine where to place the brackets and mark the underside of the chopping boards and the sides of the KALLAX.

Use a cordless drill and make pilot holes where the screws should go, on both the chopping boards and KALLAX unit. Make sure you do not drill through the chopping board.

Then screw them together.

Photo: @yatt_azml

Oil the LÄMPLIG chopping boards and you’re set!

affordable kitchen island - IKEA KALLAX hack
Photo: @yatt_azml

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