Large Corner Desk, upsized from IKEA LINNMON tables

I wanted to have a nice large corner desk, but unfortunately IKEA GALANT have been discontinued.

I looked and looked on Craigslist and after a while gave up. IKEA LINNMON corner desks didn’t cut it either, as they were not deep enough.

So decided to build myself a super large corner desk.

Hack a large corner desk | IKEA Hackers

My requirements for the corner desk:

  • Glossy white surface
  • Deep
  • Sturdy
  • No leg at the corner where I sit
  • Somewhere around ~200$

Originally I wanted to build the whole desk frame from 2x4s but after browsing IKEA as-is I found 7x ADILS legs for $1 each so that made the decision for me.

Here are the components and materials that I purchased:


  • 3x LINNMON table tops (150x75cm) @ $29.99
  • 7x ADILS legs from as is @ 1$ each.

Total: 97$

Home Depot

  • Corner brace  – 4″ Corner brace zinc 2 pack 5x@$2.87
  • Fasteners –  $7.98 10X2″ Spax Multimaterial
  • 5/4x6x12 Select pine board  2x@$23.14
  • 5/4×6-8ft. Select pine board 2x@%15.87
  • 3/8″ Fluted dowel pins
  • 3/8″ dowel kit

Total: $113

This is my first time making something like this.

I used Sketchup to model the whole thing first, to know how much materials to buy and to see if this desk would fit into the room. After some research on joints I figured that dowel reinforced butt joints would be the easiest thing to use.

Plan on Sketchup | IKEA Hackers

Plan on Sketchup | IKEA Hackers

Reinforce with pine boards | IKEA HackersI measured and cut the pine boards to frame the two LINNMON table tops.

To join the pieces, I used 2 dowels at each joint. Then, I secured that with corner braces.

Reinforce large Corner Desk with pine boards | IKEA Hackers

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Piece large corner desk together using dowel reinforced butt joints | IKEA HackersThen, screw the frame onto the underside of the LINNMON table tops. Do make sure the screws are not too long, so they won’t poke through to the table top. Also note the LINNMON is hollow in the middle, so it’s pointless to fix anything where it’s hollow.

Secure with corner brackets | IKEA Hackers

Next, attach the ADIL legs according to IKEA instructions.IKEA LINNMON Large Corner Desk | IKEA Hackers

Carefully flip your super large corner desk over. You’ll need someone to help you with it. Slide in a chair and you’re good to go.

Need more corner desk hacks?

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IKEA corner table

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