IKEA NORDEN: Bar Cart Envy

IKEA NORDEN bar cart

Materials: NIKEA Norden sideboardorden sideboard

I built the piece leaving the top off and did not assemble one of the drawers.  The one assembled drawer I centered in the top.  Modified the remaining pieces from the other drawer to construct the empty slots.  I cut the top in 3 pieces keeping the middle piece removable.  The 2 side pieces I secured in place.

I found a large plastic tub, modified it slightly to take the top rim off of it so it wouldn’t show too much in the final position.  I filled the drawer(now permanently affixed in place with expanding insulation around the outside of the plastic tub to allow for the tub to be insulated.

I cut a piece of thin plywood to fill the space around the tub and painted it black.  I have since covered the top surfaces with a water resistant/removable black shelf liner (the squishy non-contact paper that you might put under glassware)

IKEA NORDEN bar cart finished