Hackers Help: How to hack a wall-mounted workstation?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

I just moved in to my new house which very small, I have no other area for placing my working desk.

When I was designing my own bedroom which around 70 square feet

I have seen this preset from Ikea


As you can see there is a little desk(?) at the end of the bed. Here is my idea for the working desk.

Buying a new Linnmon Table (150cm x 75 cm)


And mount it onto wall!

Which means I will have some overlap area between the table and my bed. I have consulted some wood worker, they said we can give this idea a leg like this sketch


At the same time, build a bone between two legs, and mount the bone onto wall…

They said it’s simply easy (oh they’re experienced worker, but sadly I am just a noob)

Since they charge me too much for this table without using “ANY” ikea part, and their table is so ugly

(if u want some wood skin mounted on table, it will cost 1.5x more expensive)

I wanna ask for help here! Please and thanks for any advice :3


Hi Crusade

You can easily recreate the desk above with the EKBY ALEX drawers and EKBY LERBERG brackets (or any other bracket). There is no need to create special wood mounts for it.  ~ Jules