What if we made IKEA Instructions digital?


IKEA Assembly Instructions, what can I say? It is a source of angst or delight, depending on which end of “ikea-follow-ability” scale you camp in. As far as I can recall, I’ve only had one boo-boo following the instructions. I was assembling the MELLTORP table, forgot the spacers, and literally left the table top with horrible screw ups. (Yes, meaning you can see where the screws poked through the table top.)

Well, I am not alone.

I read this search on Twitter and had to hold my sides.


Really? Are they so hard to follow? With the power to even break up relationships?


And the squiggly drawings may not cut it after all?




When Jamie emailed me his plan to save us from assembly instruction hell, I punched my fist into the air and shouted, “It’s about time!”

Check out the concept video:

This is not from IKEA (not yet anyways), but from an innovation company called 360 (weare360.co.uk). I think it is a pretty solid idea that will be very helpful to IKEA customers.

What do you think? Will this save you from assembly instruction damnation?

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