Adapt IKEA METOD cabinets into a full length wardrobe

IKEA METOD cabinets as a full length wardrobe

At beginning was an empty wall in my bedroom I’d like to transform into a full-length dressing. Problems came from the tricky shape of the wall, with different depths due to a built-in cupboard on the other side.


Few sketches with Google SketchUp helped me to figure out that diversity of IKEA METOD cabinets depths and sizes should do the job. But I needed to transform these very-kitchen-like cabinets to a cosy style, more suited for a bedroom.

IKEA METOD cabinets - SketchUp plan

1st trick was to choose neutral and pastel colors for the doors (RINGHULT model).

IKEA METOD Wardrobe - OakWood

2nd solution was to fix with screws oak wood edges stretched around each cabinet (I used oak planks for the front and pinewood –cheaper — on the back to stabilize the structure).

IKEA METOD Wardrobe - PineWood

IKEA METOD Wardrobe - Assembly>

IKEA METOD Cabinets - Assembly