Mini outdoor sink from IKEA trolley and sink

We combined a “Klasen” trolley with a “Fyndig” sink and got a mini outdoor sink.

Just connect it to the garden hose and it is ready to use.

Mini outdoor sink

For step by step instructions on how to fit the FYNDIG sink into the KLASEN trolley/ serving cart, please refer to this post on hacking a mini outdoor sink.

Post edited to reflect the correct name of sink used.

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If you’re not keen to hack, there’s the SUNNERSTA mini kitchen.

Sunnersta mini kitchen as a mini outdoor sink


Though not made for the outdoors, it may be possible to use the mini kitchen in the open for a summer. As the sink is stainless steel and the frame is powder coated metal, it should be able to withstand a summer’s heat and rain. The plastic hooks may not survive though. So it may be best to keep the mini kitchen in the shade after the BBQ.

It’s pretty affordable too, with the LILLVIKEN water trap and strainer, and LAGAN kitchen mixer tap included in the price, but packaged separately. You can tuck a minibar under the sink too.



Only thing is, the tip over risk. If you can’t secure the mini kitchen frame to a wall while using it outdoors, consider securing the legs firmly to the ground.