Mongstad Floor Mirror Makeover

turn a modern floor mirror to a beautiful decorative mirror

We decided it was a good time to do an Ikea Mongstad Mirror makeover. At first, I just wanted to paint the floor mirror but then I decided I wanted it to flow with the rest of our new furniture so I thought we should add a little molding.

We packed up our car and headed to work on our project at my parents’ house.  Fair warning… this was not a cheap project.  Also my dad and husband were an awesome help by cutting,sizing, and attaching all the wood!

I was inspired by this look by Restoration Hardware.

Before Ikea Mongstad Mirror:

Ikea Monstad Mirror

Project Overview
Cost: around $125
Total Time: 2 weeks (we got a little side-tracked)

Project Supplies

Extras – Power Miter Saw (this is a must), Table Saw, Cordless Drill (1/16 inch bit), Hammer, Awl, C-Clamps to hold molding in place while Liquid Nails set, Paper Towels for glaze, Saw horses, Clipping from News papers (put the tape on first, then ad the paper, and tape on the tape)

Day 1 (2 hours)

Step 1 :  I started with blue taping the inside of the mirror and sanding the frame.

IKEA Mongstad mirror makeover - sanding

Step 2: Because my molding edge did not lay flat, use the table saw to rip 3/8″ of the edge straight down the crown molding. We had to do this because it is crown molding, and we wanted it to be a 90degree edge.

Step  3 : Measure and cut each pieces of molding at 45 degree angle.

Mongstad mirror makeover - molding

Step 4 : Use Liquid Nails and Tacts to hold molding in place.

IKEA Mongstad mirror makeover - clamps

Day 2 (1-2  hours)

Step 5: Measure and cut each piece of the second layer of molding  using Power Miter.

Ikea Monstad mirror - hack

Step 6: Drill hole for tacts slightly smaller than nail so board will grip the nail but not crack wood. Use 4 tacts on each molding to attach slightly under the outer crown molding.

Mirror makeover - drill

Step 7: Third layer of molding used on inside edge of mirror. Measure and cut each piece.

Step 8:  Use Liquid Nails and Tacts to attach.

Mirror makeover - molding

Step 9: Sand anything that has been cut with a 120 Grit Sanding Block

Mirror makeover - sanding

Day 2 (After)

Day 3

Step 10 :   Now we are about to use our Wood Filler, wait, and sand with a 100 grit.


Step 11: Set up the mirror and dust. Please make sure you have a lint free duster. We did not , and there was dust everywhere!



Step 12: Have wonderful people around you to prepare for the spray paint event.

Here is something you may need:

You are going to need around 3 cans of spray paint, and spray Polycrlic to seal. The Martha Stewart glaze is great if you want to add a more vintage feel.


Set it up!


mongstad mirror makeover - spray painting

Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Paint and Primer Spray in Heirloom White


IKEA Monstad mirror makeover

How to makeover the IKEA Mongstad floor mirror

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