IKEA HOVET mirror & 6 little hacks to make it even better

ikea mirror hovet hack

The IKEA HOVET mirror is large … standing at a little over two yards (30 3/4 x 77 1/8″ or 78 x 196 cm) , it’s guaranteed to leave a strong impression.

For a mirror this size, it is affordable, selling at $149.99 in the US. Which is one reason why the aluminum framed mirror has become a TikTok favorite and social media darling, as seen on many influencers’ Outfit-Of-The-Day videos.

The best features of the IKEA HOVET mirror has to be how good it looks, be it hung horizontally or vertically, on a wall or placed on the floor (anchored with appropriate fixtures) and leaned against a wall.

Photo: IKEA.com

IKEA customers have given it 5 stars mentioning “no distortion in the reflection”, “durability of the product”  and “good value for money”.  

For peace of mind, the IKEA HOVET mirror comes with safety film to reduce damage if mirror is broken.

So is there a way to make a good thing better? 

You bet.

We have 6 ideas how you can hack the IKEA HOVET mirror to be even better.

#1 IKEA HOVET mirror with ambient lighting

To get some cool vibes out of the HOVET mirror placed at the very end of a narrow hallway, Jussi from Finland decided to play a little bit with LED lighting.

IKEA HOVET mirror hack with ambient lighting
IKEA item used: 


Other materials:

Self-adhesive LED cable with power supply
J-shaped aluminum molding bar

How to add ambient lighting to the HOVET mirror:

1. Take precise measurements of the height and width of all sides of the mirror frame. Saw the molding bars to their correct length with 45 degree corners accordingly, so that you can create an additional frame by attaching the molding bars on the mirror edges. You can attach the bars for example with screws or glue.

2. Attach the self-adhesive LED cable to the backside of the molding bars. Depending on the cable, you might need to cut it in the corners and use some soldered cords to connect the pieces with each other. The IKEA led bars and cables can of course be used also.

additional frame for LED strip

3. To get the power supply and LED cable cords behind the mirror, drill holes in the mirror aluminum edge. Attach the power supply to the backside of the mirror.

drill hole for cable
LED strips glued on to frame of IKEA HOVET mirror

4. Connect the power supply to the LED cable and you’re ready.

IKEA HOVET mirror hack with ambient lighting

To boost the effect of the ambient light, Jussi painted the wall with a textured paint, so that the surface becomes slightly three-dimensional. For some extra comfort, he also attached a remote controlled power switch behind the mirror.

#2 Full body vanity mirror

Along the same lines at the ambient light mirror, we can turn it around into a full length vanity mirror instead. This one is from TikToker SincerelyJaxx. She shared how she created our giant vanity mirror for her apartment using strips of LED bulbs from Amazon and the IKEA HOVET. 

The LED bulbs are stuck on to the mirror front and the wires taped to the back. Such an easy and glam hack.

#3 Bathroom mirror with lights

Ever thought of having the HOVET as a bathroom mirror? Ralf did. He wanted a minimalist bathroom mirror with lights without a cabinet and found the HOVET mirror to be a perfect candidate for an IKEA hack.

bathroom mirror with lighting

Along the top of the frame, he added 4 IKEA LED cabinet lights to provide the necessary illumination. Then drilled two holes into the wall to attach the lights to the frame of the mirror. See the tutorial.

#4 Grid mirror

While the DIY grid mirror is a familiar mirror hack, currently very popular on the Internet, I like this one from Nicky on Instagram. Maybe I prefer the non-uniformed squares and rectangles as it reflects a modern, classy style.

You’ll need spray paint, wood strips and No More Nails wood glue for this easy but effective DIY. See her tutorial here.

#5 Vintage gilded mirror

The aluminum frame a tad too plain for you? Go the other extreme with an ornate, gilded mirror. All you need in gold paint, one or more wood appliques and a few cans of trusty gold spray paint. Place it in the living room for the illusion of more space and a nod to old world charm.

Mirror hack starts at 5.36.

Credit: Court’s Corner

#6 West Elm inspired industrial metal + wood mirror

Victoria goes the other way with a hack that gives the HOVET an industrial, modern look with a touch of warmth. Very chic and a refreshing change for the IKEA mirror.

Hacked an IKEA mirror? Share it with us.

To purchase the HOVET mirror on IKEA’s website, click here.

Jules Yap