RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack

We were looking to replace our Mala kids easel and save some space at the same time. For this hack we used the Ribba shelf to mount the Mala paper roll to the wall. Completed the entire hack for US$65.


Ribba Ledge: $10
Mala Paper: $5
2x Curtain Rod Bracket: $8 each
1” Metal Rod: $8
PVC Pipe: $3
4x PVC End Caps: $0.50 each
White Spray Paint: $6
Finishing Washers $1
¼” Plastic Spacers: $1
Screws & Anchors: $5
20” x 24” Corrugated Sign: $5

RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack_01

Close up of finishing washers and spacers

RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack_02

The Mala paper roll is wider than where the mounting holes are in the Ribba so I had to make new holes. 1” in from each edge. I used a finishing washer on the front side to hide the drill hole and a spacer on the back side to give the paper space to slide through.


Our walls are textured so I had to use a smooth corrugated sign board behind the paper so you could write on it. Also, it’s good in case a marker bleeds through the paper. I predrilled holes in the sign so I could find where to put anchors in the wall. Mounted it with finishing washers on the front side.



I cut the metal bar to the same width as the Ribba and drilled holes 1” in from the edges and spray painted it white.


Once the paint dried, I mounted it to the wall with a finishing washer on the front and a spacer in the back. This bar is needed to keep the paper flat against the wall



Mounted the curtain rod brackets.


Spray painted PVC pipe and end caps. Placed it through the Mala roll and hung.



Mounted second set of curtain rod brackets under the Ribba shelf


RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack_13

Ran paper behind the top metal bracket and behind the Ribba before curling it on the lower PVC pipe.

RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack_14

RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack_15

~ Mike C.

P.S. Here’s another way to use the MALA!