Simple hacks for a teen room

IKEA items used:

  • Billy
  • Linnmon tabletop
  • Adils legs 2x

Children are always ahead of the parents. If you think the colour of their room is still right, your baby has different desires.

And they grow! Before you know their writing desk is too small for their homework. In stead of replacing everything I made a combination with a Billy bookshelf silver grey and 60 cm wide and table Linnmon 60 cm wide, also silver grey. The colour matches, although the Billy is years old.

On one side I connected the table top with the Billy. Take care that the table top has the same height as the bookshelves. In that way it looks like one piece of furniture. On the other side I fixed two Adils legs, also same colour grey. Minimum money spending, maximum result!

BILLY bookcase LINNMON desk


Jewellery organizer

IKEA items used: SATTA knobs

How can your girl-teenager get up, have breakfast, shower, dress nice, pack and leave for school within half an hour?
This idea is simple, but very effective!

In stead of using the screws Ikea includes with the SATTA knobs, use this screw (can’t find the English name) and screw them in the wall!


And you’ve got the time management jewellery wall!

jewellery organizer

SATTA knobs for jewellery organization

~ Elsbeth Dijkstra