A cheap way to minimize the footprint of your synthesizers using ALGOT

Being the owner of a home with a fully finished basement I was fortunate to have a place for my recording studio setup. So, I ended up sprawling my synthesizers all throughout the main part of the basement and taking up some considerable space. This is all much to the dismay of my wife, who had requested that I find ways to consolidate my studio so as to make the downstairs more inviting to the general public that visits our home, and not a sloppy playpen. Thankfully, an IKEA had just opened up here in St. Louis, and I went looking for inspiration.

I first considered the STOLMEN system. However, the low ceilings and drop ceiling tiles made a floor to ceiling solution unacceptable. Then, just a few feet away was the ALGOT system for closets. Mountable to a wall, with a height of just under 78″? Perfect! The price? For what I needed, Two posts @ $5 each. 8 brackets @ $4 each. That’s $42 + tax at first. Yes, the top keyboard was not angled properly, so all that I needed to fix that was a shelf @ $8, and then a laptop stand $5. So, all in all this rig cost me around $55 + tax, and takes up ZERO floor space in my studio. This is a huge savings, because I have seen two tiered keyboard stands reach prices close to $200. For significantly less money I get double the storage!

ALGOT multi-tier Synthesizer rack

– Vinnie Saletto