Anti-Ant Moat

IKEA items used: SAMLA lid

After moving into a new flat in Cairo, Egypt, the cat’s food bowls began attracting huge numbers of ants. Chemical warfare proved ineffective.

A friend recommended putting the food bowls in a tray of water to stop the ants. I first tried the SMULA tray since I had one on hand. It proved to be a bit too large as the cat, Natasha, would accidentally step in it (much to her constant surprise…) and cause a mess.

I looked around for a smaller water tray and found an upside down SAMLA lid was perfect tray. It holds enough water around the edge to prevent the ants from finding the food and it lifts the food bowls out of the water.

So far it has proven perfect at defending Natasha’s food from the ant armies and has eliminated accidental water spills to the point that I may be able to remove the safety towel.

Anti-Ant moat

Stop ants from eating the cat food

Anti-Ant moat

~ Cliff Cheney

Jules Yap