Recycled old EXPEDIT Shelf into a Storage Bench

EXPEDIT storage bench

IKEA items used: 10 year old EXPEDIT Shelving Unit

First took apart the shelf.

Took 3 small shelf pieces for the sides and middle. Middle will help with supporting of the door.

The thin sides of the shelves is the front wall and floor of the bench.

The thick top and bottom parts are used as the back and door.

Used wood screws and wood glue to put the frame together

Got 4 hinges to screw the door to the base.

Had some thin scrap wood, so screwed/glued that to the door so the door can’t be pushed outward to rip the hinges off the back of the base. Also keeps the door closed pretty well.

Then took 4 small screws and extra cord lying around to hold the door up when open so it doesn’t crash all the way open. Can use chains for nicer look but anything will do lying around.

EXPEDIT shelving unit

Storage bench from EXPEDIT unit

Storage bench from EXPEDIT unit - opened

Storage bench from EXPEDIT unit

~ Sketchpunk