Secret BILLY Bureau – the stealthy bookshelf desk

Here’s my IKEA BILLY hack. It’s a bookshelf desk that hides away completely, made out of an IKEA BILLY bookcase.

So far, it works really well as I don’t have space for a big workstation. It also provides storage for my papers and files.

IKEA items used:
  • BILLY bookcase (with doors of course) x 1
  • Extra BILLY shelf x 1
Other materials:
  • 2 x L brackets
  • 2 x Flush cabinet hinges
  • 2 x Friction hinges

How to make a bookshelf desk

The desk part extends out when pulled down. It’s just a full-size BILLY shelf. Cut about 2 cm off the width so it clears the gap when the doors are open.

BILLY bureau

Attach shelf as desk

Cut 2 cm off the back of one of the existing shelves. (This gives room for the doors to close when the desk is folded up). Fix the shelf in place using L brackets.

Attach the desk to the shelf using flush cabinet hinges.

Use friction hinges (approx. £15 a pair,) which support the desk when upright or folded down and give a smooth opening and closing action.

Friction hinges

Bookshelf Desk folded up
The desk folded up

Add a power strip and that’s it.

Bookshelf desk - in work mode
Bookshelf desk – in work mode
Hide your workspace in a BILLY bookshelf
Bookshelf desk – in stealth mode

Bookshelf desk in use

~ Andrew Wood

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Jules Yap