Several mods on IKEA MÅLA easel

I made several modifications on the IKEA MÅLA easel

1. I hung a canvas from screws on the black side

MÅLA easel with canvas

2. I hung a portable box for chalks

chalkholder for MÅLA easel

3. I made a rolling paper roll. So kids can roll all painted paper on another roll then change it and paint and roll again on another side like in this video.

Here’s how:

a) Make holes near the first roll

Rolling paper roll

b) Take a piece of 16mm plastic tube

Rolling paper roll hack

c) Screw two aluminium shelf guides to the white side (made thinner on sides)

aluminium guides

d) Screw a hanger to the IKEA wooden stick

Handle for paper roll

4.  I also intend to make magnet blackboard

~ Ivan